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Iproteos, is one of the 31 new technological spin-off companies launched in 2011 with support from ACC1Ó, the agency set up by the Catalan Government to promote competitiveness among enterprises.
ACC1Ó fosters the establishment and growth of new technology-based companies in Catalonia, enabling technology transfer from basic research and universities into the business world. This is achieved promoting the generation of new technology-based spin-off companies, which bring new products to the market, or through the incorporation of new technology, through patent license agreements, to an existing company, helping innovation in product and processes.


“Barcelona city” 2014 prize awarded to Ernest Giralt

Ernest Giralt, co-founder of Iproteos, has been awarded with the “Barcelona City” 2014 prize in the category of Experimental Sciences and Technology. The jury has recognized Prof. Giralt for his development of a technology that allows a cytotoxic peptide from the bee poison to target only tumor cells, without affecting the healthy ones, being therefore, a therapeutic approach with application in chemotherapy.

The award ceremony has taken place today,

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Iproteos participates in a consortium awarded with a “RETOS” grant

The project named “Spark”, which is devoted to the development of a drug (IPR19) for the treatment of the cognitive impairment associated with schizophrenia, has obtained a “RETOS-Colaboración” grant from the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness of Spain (RTC-2014-1645-1). Iproteos leads the consortium that is composed by the biopharmaceutical company Ascil-Biopharm, the University of the Basque Region (UPV/EHU), the Institute for Research in Biomedicine (IRB Barcelona) and the Centre for Genomic

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Review on the modulation of protein-protein interactions by peptides

Ernest Giralt, co-founder of Iproteos and SAB chairman, together with Laura Nevola, IRB Barcelona research associate, have just published a review entitled “Modulating protein-protein interactions: the potential of peptides”. The article, released today 16th of January on Chemical Communications, covers the latest progress in the use of peptides as therapeutics.

Peptides have not been totally exploited as drugs because of their poor in vivo stability and their inappropriate ADME

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Networking & Innovation Day (NID)

Iproteos will be present at the second edition of the “Networking & Innovation Day” (NID), organized by the Science Park of Barcelona. The event will be held on 27th of November.

The NID is a meeting where companies and research entities gather together in order to promote collaborations and speed-up science. It combines talks and round tables with bilateral partnering  meetings. Last year, 200 people participated in the first edition, with

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New philantropic networks in Catalonia

Teresa Tarragó will participate in a meeting included into the “New philantropic ways and the social transformation” program, from Ivàlua (the catalan institute of public politics evaluation).

The conference entitled “Between public and private: new philantropic networks in Catalonia” will take place in the Palau Macaya, next 10th of November at 5 pm. In there, Teresa will explain the experience of Iproteos in crowdfunding, a funding method that is growing in

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Talents 2020: Entrepreneurs and high-school students

Teresa Tarragó will  participate in  Talents 2020 5th edition, a meeting devoted to promote the entrepreneurship among high-school student. It will take place next 10th of November at the Axa Auditorium.

The conference is  organized by “Arrenca a córrer” , an organization that works in order to prepare young students for the new working paradigm. To achieve their objective, “Arrenca a córrer” organizes meetings, like Talents 2020, courses and workshops and conferences

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